Those looking for excitement can test themselves on the tree tracks of Taurai Adventure Park of different heights and complexity, or go on an adventure safari and get acquainted with the sights of the Tauragė region. Excursions are transported by SUV.


In the swimming pool you can find 25-meter swimming tracks, 3 different saunas, a swimming pool for the little ones, a slide, a whirlpool, and other health and leisure activities. There is a spacious waiting area for customers, changing rooms and a juice bar.


An impressive 15-18 kilometer route on ancestral trails, healing breathing and nutrition, relaxing exercises, a cognitive lecture - all this and more in the hikes “Skalvių pėdomis 2018” (In Scalovian foots 2018) in the territory of Rambynas Regional Park.


Pagramantis Regional Park was established in order to preserve the landscape of the valleys and forests of the confluence of the Akmena and Jūra rivers, its natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values. The area of ​​Pagramantis RP is 13,644 ha. The land of Pagramantis is characterized by an old, interesting history and culture. Archaeological values ​​- mounds remember XIVa. Lithuanian battles with the Crusaders. The mounds on the banks of the Jūra and Akmena rivers formed the defensive chain of the Samogitian region. On Dapkiškės, Pagramantis, Biržai field, India, Matiškiai and others. mounds stood the palaces of the dukes, so these areas are shrouded in impressive legends.

Cognitive-educational hiking trails are installed in the park: Plynosios high swamp, Lylava Hydrographic Reserve, Akmena Landscape Reserve and Dabrupė Cognitive Trails. For the convenience of holidaymakers, there is a recreation area near the Balskai dam, suitable for water tourism, near the Ringiai village and the Lakštingalų Valley.


VR Arena is a 400 square meter free movement for team games. It is possible to spend time actively, organize birthdays or work parties. A fun way to spend active leisure time.

Biliardo stalai, kavinėje PELĖDA

Kavinė ,,Pelėda“ siūlo aktyviai ir linksmai papramogauti, žaidžiant biliardą


Our main activity is kayak rental. According to your wishes, we will select the most optimal travel route by kayak, take care of the inventory and take you to the beginning of the route and meet those who have sailed.

We have been renting kayaks since 2014 and it is our greatest pleasure not only to go on a water trip for fun, but also to meet tired but still well-meaning tourists. This is the best evaluation of our work.

You will find us in the seaside town, Šilalė district on the Jūra river shore.


We offer double kayaks made of high-density polyethylene, brand new life jackets for you and your little swimmers, airtight bags with a capacity of up to 50L, and airtight phone cases.
Plaukimo maršrutą galite pasirinkti iš mūsų siūlomų, pagal jūsų poreikius bei norima plaukimo trukmę ar sudėtingumo lygį.


We invite you to actively spend your free time kayaking. Routes are adjusted according to your preferences. After swimming it is possible to stay in a homestead or campsite. Catering available.


Our activity is kayak and water bicycle rental in Draudeniai lake. The tidy environment of the lake and the beautiful views of the coast will give you a good mood and emotions when you go kayaking or pedal boating.

You will find us in Žygaičiai eldership, Draudenių village, Ežero street.


The Norkaičiai Traditional Crafts and Ethnoculture Center nurtures the culture of traditional crafts in Tauragė. With the help of specialists, you will have the opportunity to prepare the work yourself. Cross-stitch, wrist-knitting, crochet, bead-making, floristic art await you. Acquaintance not only with traditional crafts, but also with culinary heritage. During the education, you will be treated to natural herbal tea.


„Liberty Beach“ first and foremost the only water board park in Tauragė county (wake park). Sandy beach in Liberty Beach offers a variety of entertainment and cultural events during the summer season. The wide strip of sand stretching between the two bodies of water attracts holidaymakers and other film and music lovers in the summer. There is an open-air amphitheater in the entertainment area, a volleyball and beach football pitch in the beach area, and convenient access to the water. Don't spend time in vain, create your summer adventure in Liberty Beach!

Tauragės Žirgynas

Tauragės rajone, Pagirupio kaime, Knygnešių g. 4, įsikūręs žirgynas mielai priima lankytojus, o ypatingai šeimas su vaikučiais. Čia auginami žirgai, poniai, triušiai, taigi vaikams bus įdomu užmegzti šiltą kontaktą su gyvūnais, pajodinėti žirgu, poniuku ar prisiglausti prie švelnaus triušiuko. Atvykus Jus pasitiks maloniai bendraujantys žirgyno šeimininkai, supažindins su teikiamomis paslaugomis ir vykdoma veikla