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Of Tauragė area is composed of parks and green zones


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Tauragė's history spoken through the lips of locals

The e-book "Tauragė's History Spoken Through the Lips of Locals" was created to introduce tourists to the most famous landmarks of the Tauragė region, to hear interesting stories, and to learn about the unique reasons behind their existence.


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List of events taking place in the Tauragė region, calendar, so you could spend your time meaningfully.


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The Tauragė region is rich in wonderful attractions that are worth visiting by everyone.

Tauragė region museum "Santaka"

Tauragė region museum "Santaka"

In interwar Tauragė, smaller museums were established in educational institutions: the Teachers’ Seminary and the School of Commerce.

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Hillock in Pagramantis

The nature, historical, and archaeological monument of Pagramančio Regional Park was arranged and prepared for visitors in 2014.

Akmenos and Jūros rivers observation tower

Akmenos and Jūros rivers observation tower

The Akmenos and Jūros rivers observation tower, opened in the summer of 2023, has become a true attraction in the Tauragė region.

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